Our Kitchen

Enjoy typical local cuisine in our on-site Trattoria

"Italian cuisine has become famous thanks to the emigrants, so thanks to our ancestors who had to emigrate because of war, famine or lack of work. There were those who went to America, in Australia ... taking with them the products and the traditions of their land: the oil, the tomatoes, cheese and cold cuts: the famous 'cardboard suitcases'. This was the fortune of Italian cuisine. " These are the words of famous Italian chef Carlo Cracco. The Piccinnini Family haven't left Italy but bring together heritage from all over the country and serve it up in their kitchen. The result is a cuisine that reflects some of the best cooking traditions in Italy: from Puglia, where Roberto's father Nino came from, to Lombardy where Silvana's mother lived. Our restaurant menu is a beautiful blend of some of the best traditional Italian food.
Spaghetti with astice in Gargnano

Our traditions

Team spirit is our motto and this is especially the case in our kitchen. We combine influences from cooking traditions from all four corners of Italy to create a unique and tantalizing menu our guests love. Silvana is passionate about blending the traditions of her own Lombardic cuisine with flavors of the mediterranean and the homeland of her husband. The result? Delicious, fresh food our guests love!

Local cuisine

You can enjoy typical, traditional Italian cooking in our restaurant every night if you wish! At Trattoria Il Giglio you can experience typical local cuisine at its best - home-made by experts!
We offer a wide range of starters, side dishes, main courses and desserts - all available with delicious house wines on the side. All made using grapes from local vineyards. The perfect accompaniment!

A beautiful view

Just a few km from Lake Garda itself, our campsite offers gorgeous views of the lake and surrounding countryside. Italy at it's best! Trattoria Il Giglio is open for both lunch and dinner and in the summer the kitchen is open from midday to 9.00pm. If you'd like to experience a delicious supper with breathtaking views, come and stay with us!

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